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Who We Are

We love creative challenges!

Virtual Web Designs is a full service web site design firm specializing in the production of professional, customized web sites. No standardized templates, no cookie-cutter approach, and no artificial ingredients. Just pure, creative, unique web sites, expertly crafted to meet the individual requirements of each of our clients. The Internet has no limits — why should your web site be any different? Virtual Web Designs serves a wide variety of clients, from large corporate enterprises to small businesses to individuals, who are seeking to establish or enhance their web presence. We have the skills and knowledge to handle all aspects of the design, creation, and maintenance of custom web sites and to redesign and update existing web sites as well.


Virtual Web Designs prides itself on producing custom-designed web sites that meet our client's needs — and exceed their expectations. We know that no two web sites have the same goals, the same requirements, or the same target audiences. We also know that the only way to have a successful web site is to know what that web site is supposed to accomplish. And how you let your target audience know about it. And how you keep it fresh and updated so that people come back for return visits. We achieve this by listening to our clients needs, understanding their goals, and then developing a web site based on those criteria.

We're really good at:

Web Site Design


Graphic Design/Logos


 If you look up 'perfectionist' in the dictionary, you'll probably find these guys. They just wouldn't stop until every last detail was ironed out.
We had no idea what we wanted our site to look like. We had no graphics, no design ideas, and no technical knowledge to speak of.
The only thing we had was a Word doc that described our firm. So they basically started with a blank page and built our site from scratch.
And we couldn't be happier. They created a web site that looks awesome, loads fast, and does more than we could have imagined.

What We Do

Custom web site designs

Virtual Web Designs provides a full spectrum of web site design services for a wide variety of companies and individuals. Our client list includes projects large and small, long-term and short-term. Click on the images below for an in-depth view of some of our more recent deliverables…

St. John's Episcopal HospitalSt. John's Episcopal Hospital
Campanelli and AssociatesCampanelli & Associates
The Love ChefFrancis Anthony (The Love Chef)
Federal FraudFederal

Anti Cell Tower LawyersAnti Cell Tower Lawyers
OpenLink Financial - ExternalOpenLink Financial
Gilbert Law GroupGilbert Law Group
New York WoodsmithsNew York Woodsmiths


 Great people to work with. They really listen to what you want to do and then create a web site that fits your needs.
They don't try to fit your content into a pre-conceived design. And they take great pride in their work. They won't stop
until you're completely satisfied. They thought of things we needed on our site that we didn't even realize we needed
in order to have a successful web site. Would definitely recommend them; in fact, we already have!

Where We Work

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 Scenic Long Island, NY, USA
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